10 funniest things my 4 year old has said lately

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My 4 year old is always making me laugh with the things he says to me, so I thought I would share some of the things he’s said to me lately that have made me chuckle.

These are direct quotes:

  1. ‘I found a blowing flower. But it’s right side down.’ It’s so cute when they mix up names!
  2. ‘Mammy, why are your boobies hanging out?!’
  3. ‘I’ve never seen your big thumb before’
  4. On flushing his poo away, ‘This is just a baby poo, it doesn’t have a mammy or daddy. Some poos don’t have mammies or daddies you know.’
  5. ‘Please can I have some cake? I’ll use a plate to catch all the crumbles’
  6. ‘Mammy I’m too tired to get my iPad. You go get it, that would be the kind thing to do’
  7. Arlo wouldnt eat his lunch, apparently his fish finger ‘said something mean to him’
  8. Every night Arlo makes me tell him his birth story. He’s fascinated in birth stories. I think it’s a result of the preparation we did with him for when I had a home birth with his little sister. I usually explain the c section to him and how he came out of my tummy, but one night I asked him what happened because I was sure that he would remember the story by now and he answered ‘they chopped your ‘gina off and then put it back on again’, complete with a swooshing hand gesture of how my under carriage was chopped off. I laughed for a while after that one.
  9. After coming back from a trip to a Care Home he said ‘they can’t talk (the elderly people) because they all dying’
  10. Me to Arlo ‘do you think you could eat?’ Arlo ‘nah’ ‘oh wait, do you mean my nails or my food?’

What funny things has your kid said lately? Which number did you think was funniest? Let me know in the comments.

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Sharing is caring!

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