10 reasons mothers get excited about the return of the sun…

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When I was younger and the first sunny days of spring appeared my excitement would largely revolve around my opportunity to get a tan or sunbathe. Also, to go to a beer garden rated highly on my hit list, to drink away the hours in a lush beer garden was my idea of heaven (still is but a woman can but dream eh?). However, I am now 34, and the mother of a 3 and 6-year-old, and the reasons I get excited about the sun have very much changed…

  1. I get to put washing out on the line! Ooh the excitement. I can really get cracking on those washing baskets (I have 4). Papa Ginge and I were talking the other day about how before kids we used to do 1-2 loads of washing a week and how now we do that a day. This goes someway to explaining why I’m so happy about line drying again.
  2. Vitamin D! I’m pretty sure I didn’t know what this was in my 20s but now I’m looking forward to the kids, and us getting a healthy dose of vitamin D again this spring/summer. Everyone feels better for it.
  3. The end of cold season! Ugh this winter has been rough, someone has always had one virus or another. I’m looking forward to a reprieve. As I write this Lena is full of cold and sneezing all over the Playdoh, I’m ready for a break!
  4. Return of playing outside – I’m excited to leave our patio doors open and let the kids run in and out as they please. They love playing with our neighbours kids and don’t complain they are bored all the time or constantly ask for snacks or the iPad.
  5. Return of the playground – we’ve a couple near us and it’s a great easy way to pass some time. We have been going in the winter but it’s not the same is it.
  6. No longer have to dress everyone in 80 layers and GLOVES before you leave the house (putting gloves on a toddler is the Devil’s work). Although applying sun cream is a pain in the arse too.
  7. Growing your own fruit and veg in the garden – reducing grocery bills and getting good organic food for your recipes. Mind you, every year I say I’m going to grow so much more than I do. If it’s the thought that counts though I’m practically self-sustaining.
  8. It opens up so many more day trips. It’s so much easier to get out and about when it’s sunny. This year I’m vowing to start going to our local National Trust properties – I’m truly Middle aged now aren’t I?
  9. The beach! We are blessed with loads of beautiful beaches in the North East. My closest is only 15 minutes away and I can’t wait to visit regularly again now the sun is back. We all adore the beach and we’ve vowed to go way more this year.
  10. BBQs – I don’t want to gender stereotype, but in our house, this is the only time Papa Ginge cooks. I don’t know what it is about grilling meat outdoors that makes him feel like his most alpha male but I’m so down for not being the cook for a change. Plus BBQ food is THE BEST.

So hurrah for the return of the yellow ball in the sky, it’s been a long time and I’m so down for its return.

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6 thoughts on “10 reasons mothers get excited about the return of the sun…”

  1. Had a good chuckle about this post. I’ve been doing washing for washing sake – just to peg it out. Living my best life!


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