Reflections on my 33rd year…

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I’m in that phase of your 30s where it’s somewhat of a battle to remember your age. I’m not sure why that is but I know it’s not just me as Papa Ginge is 2 days younger than me and he’s worse for it. I can tell him he’s a different age to what he is ands he believes me. Cruel but funny. Anyway, tomorrow I turn 34 so I thought I would jot down my top reflections from my 33rd year of life:

  • I realised that I should be my own boss and work from home
  • I’m more of a perfectionist that I realised and actually, that’s the root of a lot of my issues
  • I realised my attitude towards my body isn’t particularly healthy and that I need to work on my body positivity
  • The key to having good hair is to get it cut really frequently (every 6-8 weeks for me)
  • Every year older I get, good regular chiropractic care becomes more important. My neck and back are starting to show their age. Especially after several years of bed-sharing and 6 years of night feeds.
  • Kindness is queen. When I was younger I didn’t value kindness as much. Now I realise nothing is more important.
  • I’ve learned that it’s incredibly important to review your finances regularly to ensure you aren’t wasting money. Ideally, this should be a monthly task.
  • The more I learn about feminism and sexism, the more I realise the situation is worse than I knew and the more outraged I become
  • Taking time out to reflect and practice mindfulness can be revelatory and is something I should do at least annually
  • Every year that passes, time goes quicker and it becomes harder to find time for friends and maintain those relationships. I’ve no more time for fair weather friends. Whilst that can be a stinging revelation, it can also be quite liberating.
  • Although it’s not rational, I want another baby. My partner doesn’t so that’s something I have to learn to accept.
  • The older I get the more I realise less is more. I want less things and feel a drastic need to declutter our home. I’m suddenly drawn to the idea of a capsule wardrobe. We have too much stuff and I spend too much time I don’t have trying to manage this stuff. I need to purge.
  • My family runs best when I leave Sundays without plans
  • If you are unsure whether you want to do something, then don’t do it. Nothing will change over time that makes you want to do it more. When you really want to do something, you aren’t undecided, you jump at the chance. If in doubt, leave it out.
  • My happiest days are ones where I’m outdoors and physical but then get to have a good feed at the end and cuddle up. Those days where your cheeks are rosy from the wind/sun and your hair is messy, your feet are dirty and everyone is knackered.
  • I know I like to travel but too much of it stresses me out
  • I’m getting more and more into interiors and care more about what my home looks like than my outfits
  • You should always check for water pipes before drilling a hole in a wall (unless you want to recreate Niagara Falls in your living room like we did recently)

I feel like I still don’t know myself as well as I should but this is the closest I’ve felt to knowing who I am and ‘living my truth’. I feel like I know what I want to do and who I want to be and I’m making plans to get there. 33 has been pretty kind to me and I’m looking forward to seeing what my 34th year on the planet brings. If 34 turns out to be another year like this then I’m totally down with that. I’m all for the no drama kind of life.


Sharing is caring!

11 thoughts on “Reflections on my 33rd year…”

  1. Happy Birthday lovely! I love your list and was nodding my head to pretty much all of them. 🙂 Also I’m blaming the blogging world for my obsession with speed cleaning videos and wanting to do more with my home. 😉

  2. Great blog Naomi. I particularly like the if you’re unsure about doing something don’t do it. I spend too much time fretting about doing things or going places I don’t want to. Just say no!

  3. This is a lovely inspired post. You have wonderful insight. I going to try and journal my.list. Thanks for sharing


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