Why you need to download The Discovery Adventures podcast by Land Rover for your family car journeys #TheDiscoveryAdventures

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Podcast resurgence

Recently I’ve got in to listening to podcasts. There are so many great parenting blogger podcasts around. They are perfect for listening to on my commutes/school runs or while I’m doing my chores. I like educational ones that inspire me for blogging, ones with people who I admire or just identify with and funny ones. I’m currently enjoying Dirty Mother Pukka (which feels like a hilarious catch up with your mates), Alison Perry’s Not Another Mummy podcast and Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum and Happy Baby podcast.

I think podcasts are having a bit of a resurgence in popularity lately. I think it’s because we get so much screen time nowadays, podcasts actually feel like a bit of a break. They are less invasive than the fast paced world of smart phones and tablets. Simultaneously, I’m trying to reduce the screen time that my kids have a bit as recently my 5-year-old has become obsessed with his iPad (verging on an addiction) and I need to reign it in a little. So I was intrigued to hear about The Discovery Adventures podcast by Land Rover.

Using the car for quality family time

Research into the car as a unique shared family environment published by Dr Jessica Pitt in 2017* found that a car journey provided the perfect ‘in between’ space. It allows the chance for quality time together, whilst the nature of the space, down to the configuration of the seats, offered the ideal opportunity for a shared family experience without distraction. It was these findings that led Land Rover to develop The Discovery Adventures podcast by Land Rover.

Why you need to download the Land Rover Discovery Adventures Podcast for your family car journeys...

The Land Rover Discovery Adventures Podcast

The Discovery Adventures are a Mystery Drama Podcast for all the family. It is designed to be listened to in your car. The listener is meant to assume the role of Sam, who goes to stay with their uncle. They go on an espionage type adventure, to unravel who is behind nationwide GPS disruptions. Their adventure transports them through some of Britain’s most evocative locations, taking you, as the listener, along for the ride. The podcasts aim to encourage families to go out and enjoy the great outdoors. They are perfect if you have little aspiring adventurers.

Immersive, 3D experience

The podcasts are unlike any other podcasts that I’ve listened to before. They are totally immersive. They were recorded binaurally (the way humans perceive sound) across multiple UK locations by Tony & Olivier award-winning sound pioneer Gareth Fry. The result is that you feel like you are really there! You can hear background noises such as traffic and conversation hum and volume increases and decreases as the characters move around. Each time the dog barked I nearly jumped out of my skin! It really is ‘3D sound’.

It reminded me a little of a role play computer game where you are the main character on a mission, walking around and talking to other characters to uncover clues. I’m totally hooked by them.

Top talent

The podcasts include some of the country’s most renowned outdoor experts and national treasures. You’ll hear Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Chris Packham, Sir Ben Ainslie and Kate Silverton to name just a few. There are also A-list actors too, like Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones and Hunger Games) and Hugh Skinner (Poldark, Les Misérables).

Why you need to download the Land Rover Discovery Adventures Podcast for your family car journeys...

Age ranges for children

My kids are 5 and 2 and unfortunately I think they are a little too young to fully appreciate these but I tell you what, these would be so good with kids a little bit older. I don’t have older kids to know exactly what age ranges would be best but I’m assuming 7 plus perhaps. Give it a go though, they are free so there is nothing to lose. I can imagine the whole family getting excited about popping them on for car journeys and chatting as a family about each episode, trying to figure the mystery out. I’m kind of disappointed that my kids aren’t older so that we can enjoy these together. I know so many families who would love these (North East Family Fun and Here Come the Hoopers I’m looking at you guys).

Where and how to get the podcasts

The podcasts are available for free through iTunes and ACAST. There is a new episode every Thursday over a period of 7 weeks. They are short, roughly 15 minutes long. You can listen to the podcasts in the car or on any compatible device. I downloaded and listened to mine on the podcasts app on my iPhone.

The new FREE podcast that you simply must download for your family car journeys. It will help keep the whole family entertained and enthralled. #AD

Disclaimer: This is an advertisement feature post for The Discovery Adventures podcast by Land Rover. For more my full disclosure policy, please see my about page.


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  1. Ooooh I’m going to look it up. I’m terrible for being on my phone on long journeys, mute in the front while my husband drives and the kids kill eachother in the back. Maybe this could be the answer to not ringing the divorce lawyer after a family road trip 🙂


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