10 February half-term truths

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Whether you are on your final day of February half-term (well done, you made it) or your kids are about to break up from school, here are 10 February half-term truths that I’ve experienced this week with my little rascals.

  1. Your kids will say they are hungry and ask for snacks every 7 minutes.
  2. The weather will suck and spoil all your plans.
  3. You will decide to take your kids out once a day, despite the arctic conditions so they stop climbing the walls like deranged monkeys on speed. You then immediately regret it when everyone starts crying because it’s too cold. I attempted the farm in 1 degree weather and snow. School girl error.
  4. You will wonder many times, if screen time is really so bad?! Surely it’s better than them killing each other or you being forced to play hide and seek for the 90 billionth time?!
  5. You will shout the words ‘if you kids don’t stop fighting’ so many times, that if it were a drinking game, you’d be in a coma. In fact, you break up so many fights, that you consider changing career to a WWE referee.
  6. You will wish they could always be home with you, whilst simultaneously also feeling ready for school to be back RIGHT NOW.
  7. You’ll all stay in pjs all day if you aren’t going anywhere. Your washing basket thanks you.
  8. If your kids say they are bored, you will hate yourself for sounding like your mam by saying ‘why don’t you tidy up’ or ‘do your homework then’.
  9. You will fanaticise about the start of Spring. Today I even got excited about the prospect of hanging clothes out to dry in the garden. Living my best life over here…
  10. You will get 10 times more snuggles than normal and LOVE every second of them!

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7 thoughts on “10 February half-term truths”

  1. So true! Despite it being FREEZING cold in February, I think it really is a great time to get outside and get some fresh air into those lungs. The expectation of spring is definitely in the air now!

    I think Feb is tough for couples as it’s not really a time that you book annual leave in as the weather is so crap! It’s been mostly down to me to entertain the kids this week but I think I’ve done ok – Steve is definitely being roped in this weekend though, we’re heading to Durham and the cinema to see the new Black Panther movie tomorrow which will be a nice way to end the week.

    I am REALLY missing the sun now – I’ve never really felt like this before, I would love to book a holiday in the sun next year.

    • That’s what I thought when I dragged us all to the farm but the kids were not loving the cold! I think it might be different if I had a car week days. I think it was the walking in it that did them in. They are still quite little I guess. Unfortunately we are having to take the vast majority of our holidays separately as we don’t have enough to cover the school hols. Another reason I’m desperate to go freelance. Oooh I want to see black panther. I’m hoping we might FINALLY get to see the greatest showman tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to Lanzarote in May!

  2. Love this post, though as a mum of a teen and tween I can definitely say I see less and less of my kids as each school holiday passes. Some days I am like ‘hell yes, time to myself’ and other times I am like ‘I miss those days out when they used to squabble all day, and we used to spend a fortune’ lol x

  3. Hubby’s holiday was cancelled so it was just me over the holidays. He’s off next week and we’re all back to work, school and nursery. I’m a bit jealous of the break he’ll get but he missed out on some great family days out. Days out are expensive if you’re eating out. Looking forward to picnics in the summer.

  4. Nodded along with pretty much all of these! 🙂 It’s definitely easier now the boys are older, but then again that’s with a lot of screen time as we’re a bit of a gamer family… still, at least we’ve been together, and had a few friends over etc throughout half term! It’s easier for Max if people come to us as we can all hang out for longer than if we go to someone else’s house or out. I’m looking forward to the warmer (and hopefully dryer!) weather in the next few months so we can get outside more!


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