10 funny things my kids have said lately

10 funny things my kids have said lately

Here’s the latest instalment of the funny things my kids have said lately. Lena has just turned 3 and Arlo has just turned 6…

  1. Arlo to Lena who had just farted ‘ooooh Lena that smells delicious’.
  2. Me: Arlo, you can do anything at all for your birthday, what would you like to do?’ Arlo (king of introversion) ‘can I not talk to anyone all day?’
  3. Me to Lena ‘Lena, you are being a little tinker’. Lena, appalled face, exclaims ‘EXCUSE me?!’
  4. Me to Arlo ‘What do you think we should get Lena for Christmas? Arlo: ‘Well she likes to hump the floor…’ Yikes!
  5. My mam telling a story where she used the phrase ‘that’s the end of the story full stop’ Arlo: ‘I know how to do a fall stop, it’s just a dot.’
  6. Me to Arlo ‘wow, you are getting so strong’. Arlo ‘I know, I can easily lift a baby up’.
  7. Me to Lena ‘you are so cute’. Lena ‘I am’.
  8. Arlo to Lena ‘Lena, I’ve just punched mammy in the bum’. Lena to Arlo ‘you did! High five’. Cheers Kids.
  9. Arlo had just been for a poo and afterwards I could smell something and wasn’t sure he had wiped his bum properly. I asked him and he said ‘I dunno, it does feel a bit juicey’ JUICEY!!!! I think I’ll never get over that one. Kids are so gross.
  10. I asked Arlo what he had for lunch at school and he said ‘Black ham and skin cake’. Took me a little bit but I figured out that black ham is beef and skin cake is skin coloured cake, aka a plain sponge cake. Phew.

Which is your favourite? What have your kids said lately that has made you laugh?


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  1. newgirlintoon
    March 29, 2018 / 19:38

    LOVING it! Think my favourite is Arlo wanting to not to talk to anyone on his birthday … I’m with you Arlo!

    • March 29, 2018 / 19:44

      Thanks Chloe. Classic introverts!

  2. March 30, 2018 / 10:15

    So funny! This is why I watch you on Insta stories… I remember the juicy bum haha x

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