20 things you can do to champion women on International Women’s Day

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Today is International Women’s Day. Never has it felt more poignant than it has this year in the wake of #timesup and #metoo. Thanks to the rise of social media, we are more ‘woke’ than ever and I for one and so down for that.

20 things you can do to champion women on International Women’s Day
T-shirts in this photo are from www.bloodynorapam.co.uk

20 things you can do to champion women on International Women’s Day

  1. Can you push for more representation somewhere? I’m on a board and have sent an email to raise the lack of diversity and how we can improve on that. Look around the organisations you work in or support and ask, are these diverse or are they part of the problem. If it’s the latter, challenge it. (Update: since I wrote this I actually resigned due to lack of diversity and wrote about it in my resignation letter.)
  2. Can you lead a project at work to increase representation? Mentor a woman more junior to you? Ask a woman more senior to mentor you? I’ve proposed a project at work to support women who have been on a career break back into the workplace at the level they left it at.
  3. Does your workplace have a suggestions box/scheme? Fill it with suggestions that will make things better for women.
  4. Buy products from women’s businesses – especially from women of colour.
  5. Wear your favourite feminist merch – sweaters, pins, totes etc
  6. Share your favourite female businesses on social media
  7. Give a gift to a woman/women who inspire you
  8. Donate to a women’s charity, I’ll be donating to Women for Women International
  9. Give as many compliments to other women as possible
  10. Carry out random acts of kindness to women
  11. Write down ten things you love about yourself
  12. Then write down ten things you love about your body
  13. Write down 20 women who inspire you, then go tell them
  14. Challenge someone at work or in your life who is sexist. It could be that guy who always makes the pathetic sexist jokes, or a friend who doesn’t realise how much internalised sexism she has. Use the day as an excuse to mention it.
  15. Totally speak your mind for the day, be entirely unapologetic
  16. Arrange a catch up with your girlfriends
  17. Read a feminist book
  18. Watch your favourite female show
  19. Pop to your local food bank and donate some menstrual products for women facing period poverty
  20. Follow a bunch of feminist accounts on social media and support the work they do on behalf of us all
20 things you can do to champion women on International Women’s Day
T-shirt from www.punkymomsuk.com

I challenge you to do one of these today (or something else). Let me know what you do in the comments.

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20 things you can do to champion women

Notes: Solidarité Feminine T-shirt in featured image was purchased from Mutha.hood . Eliminate Girl Hate T-shirts were purchased from Bloody Nora Pam. Tiny Feminist T-shirt was purchased from Punky Moms UK.

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5 thoughts on “20 things you can do to champion women on International Women’s Day”

  1. Love this post so much! I’m struggling a lot healthwise at the moment, and one of the things I have realised is that I need to stop blaming my body for “letting me down” (a lot of my health issues through the years only affect women or affect women in far greater numbers/intensity) and start appreciating it for all it has done. But today I have spent time pulling together posts like yours to share on my blog and social media, to help show how brilliant women are 🙂

  2. Woop! I wrote a post for IWD (of course), donated to about 5 women’s charities both in the UK and international, and I recently proposed at work that we create a family friendly role that has shorter hours with flexible start and finish times and extra leave in the school holidays. I know lots of mums who worry about going back to work full time when their children are still young, so I think we can do more to create jobs that suit those women’s situations. <3


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