4 Year Old Vlogger

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Do your kids love YouTube? Mine is obsessed. He prefers it to ‘traditional TV’. We don’t really watch much actual TV with him. YouTube is the future man!

Arlo actually got us into daily vlogs when he started watching Daily Bumps and we all got hooked as a family and now watch it every night at dinner time. Daily Bumps inspired us to start vlogging and eventually we would like to go daily too but it’s hard to find the time at the moment between us both working and the kids so for now we are weekend vloggers. We’ve recently got into the SacconeJoly’s too.

We recently tried to sell our old cameras as we bought a Canon G7X for vlogging. Turns out they weren’t worth much and our cheapest was only worth £10 so instead of selling it we gave it to Arlo. He loves running round taking photos and while I was at work yesterday, without prompting he started vlogging with it. We watched his footage and we found it hilarious that this 4 year old, who needs our help to wipe his bum, can make his own little vlog. The future generation folks!

It’s intruiging to see the world from his perspective through it. And as you’ll see at his height… Watching it was a real insight into what he finds interesting and how his little mind works. Papa Ginge and I both laughed when he vlogs his finger saying ‘look at my finger’ and when he shows you his arm saying ‘this is my arm today’. I also love how he’s excited for his sausages to be cooked in the oven and Topsy and Tim coming on the TV. Anyway if you want a chuckle and to see the world through the eyes of a 4 year old check it out:

Let us know what you think of it? Should we get him to do it again?

Sharing is caring!

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