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Boody is my kind of company. They mesh comfort and style with sustainability seamlessly (literally, they have no seams). All Boody products are made from organic chemical free bamboo yarn. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, renewable and sustainable plants on earth. They grow the bamboo on plantations which uses much less water than cotton based fabrics. Even their boxes are recycled and printed with vegetable-based ink.


Nothing prepared me for how comfortable Boody clothes are though.

I first tried a pair of their boyleg briefs around Christmas and was hooked. Wearing them is an utter pleasure. I’m genuinely excited to put them on and then sad when they have to go in the wash. They are Incredibly soft and comfortable. Like a hug for your bum. Hmmmm, maybe that’s not an ideal expression!

Bamboo is renowned for its moisture absorbency, breathability and anti-bacterial properties. They are soft, smooth and silky to the touch. I’m not going to be happy until I own every single one of their products and enough of their knickers that I never have to wear normal knickers if my Boody is in the wash again. I’m all about comfort when it comes to my clothes and I’m genuinely happier when I wear my Boody products. As I write this I’m wearing the boyleg briefs, the leggings, the bra and the vest all under my dress and I feel so cosy as a result. If there is one thing that I’ve received through blogging that I would recommend everyone tries, it’s Boody products.

Body confidence – posing in your undies

Now, when Boody contacted me to ask me if I would like to review some of their products I was over the moon as I genuinely love their products. However, I didn’t quite think it through to the point where I would have to be photographed in what is mostly underwear.

Close followers of my blog will know I’m on a mission to love my body no matter its size and achieve body confidence. This would really put it to the test. It’s one thing in theory and a total other thing in practice – especially when that practice is putting out photos of your still breastfeeding post-partum body in underwear on the internet. You know that feeling when you go bikini shopping and feel awful. This felt so much worse to me!

For those of you who watch my Instagram stories, you will know that mine and Papa Ginge’s relationship is characterised by a lot of banter. He’s the last person you want to take a photo of you in your underwear. Most photos he takes of me he takes the piss out of my posing and I feel incredibly awkward. But with these photos, I didn’t just feel awkward, I felt vulnerable, embarrassed even. See why I need to work on that body confidence still.

Learning to let go and relax

My idea was that I would do some photos holding my tummy in and some completely relaxed to show myself, and other women the difference, and that the difference is a-ok. I always admire these kind of photos online (think Constance Hall, Celeste Barber, Body Posi Panda etc) but have never had the confidence to do them myself. I wanted to challenge myself to do them in this post, thinking it would help me on my quest for body confidence like the ‘Gok Wan naked photo’ test.

Body confidence with Boody
Normally I would have deleted this image with my stomach protruding slightly and my back fat creased/with it’s own shadow but I’m learning that body fat is just as beautiful as body that is flat.

I’ve just read the formidable Megan Crabbe’s book Body Positive Power (affiliate link) – which I wholeheartedly recommend. She often talks about how we should learn to relax and stop trying to minimise our stomachs with spanx and constantly trying to hold them in. She’s so right, why are we trying to pretend our tummies are all flat? I did have a flat stomach pre kids but my body has stretched to grow two very overdue babies. Its go-to position when I relax now is of 5 months pregnant. Our stomachs grow throughout the day as we eat. A stomach at 6pm isn’t going to be as flat as one at 8am. A pre-menstrual or menstruating stomach will be considerably bigger. But we all pretend. We stick those tight dresses on and suck it in all day no matter the discomfort. I’m not totally out of the practice yet but these photos are a mix of me posing and holding my tummy in and ones of me relaxed, letting it ‘all hang out’. You might notice that this photo below where I’m relaxed I look visibly happier.

Body confidence with Boody
After 34 years of sucking my tummy in for photos, it felt bizarre and counterintuitive to totally relax for a photo in my underwear. I was so tempted to post the ones of me holding in instead but here I am, letting it all hang out.

Finding it hard

I’ll be honest though, I didn’t come away from this feeling great about my body. If anything I felt worse and felt those diet culture norms niggling at me. ‘If only I just lost half a stone or a stone’ or ‘I need to work out more’ and I would look better etc. I’m agonising about posting this post/these photos even as I write this. I’m hoping posting it will help me and others though and that I won’t regret it (she ponders whilst biting her nails with worry).

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I look terrible or anything but the perfectionist in me sees what I want to change, not what I should love and that’s why I’m on this quest for body confidence. I’m well aware there will be as many people reading this thinking ‘she’s let herself go’ as there will be those thinking ‘She’s got nothing to complain about’. But it’s absolutely not about body size, or what my/your body looks like – it’s our minds that are often the real issue. In the media, all we see are re-touched/photoshopped size zero models/actresses in their underwear etc.  That’s considered the ideal and it’s that type that is forced upon us everywhere we look when only a small percentage of women (2-5%) naturally meet that body type.

When you don’t have that Victoria’s Secret body and see yourself, in your underwear, with all your imperfections on show in such a visible way it can be confronting. I think that’s why the most dreaded clothes shop is the bikini shop. But I believe the more we all show ourselves to each other in all of our glory, the more we will see real bodies in a diversity of shapes and sizes, ultimately the more accepting we will be of our ourselves. That’s why I decided not to shy away from posting these photos. The world doesn’t need more perfect photos, it needs more imperfect ones.

Anyway, back on to the Boody! Here are a bunch of photos of me wearing my items, under most the photos I’ve added a disclaimer to tell you what I’m doing with my body or how I feel about the image.

Boyleg briefs £8.95

I swear periods are easier in these boyleg briefs. So so so cosy. By far the best underwear I’ve ever tried. I kind of wish they came up a little higher but that’s really nit-picking.

Body confidence with Boody
Stomach held in
Body confidence with Boody - me wearing the Boody boyleg briefs
Stomach held in

Padded bra – £19.95

This is a super cosy bra that you won’t feel the need to rush off at the end of the day. You could sleep in it, it’s that soft and unrestrictive. It’s not the most supportive though but it’s perfectly adequate for me and my 34GGs (I’m wearing a large). I wouldn’t try run in it though!

Body confidence with Boody - me wearing the Boody padded bra

Body confidence with Boody - me wearing the Boody padded bra
My boobs look smaller than they are in both these photos. I’m not sure why! My arms are down in the top photo and up in the bottom one. Last time I was measured I was a 32FF. This is a large.

Tank top £13.95

Standard tank top, I’d say this is bigger fitting than the other products I’ve tried and I could have gotten a small in it as opposed to the large in the leggings, boy shorts and bra. Like the other products, it’s soft and stretchy.

Body confidence with Boody - me wearing the Boody tank top

Full leggings £21.95

These are now the best leggings I own. The waistband doesn’t dig in. They don’t bag at the knees. They don’t lose their shape. They are comfortable and my other leggings now seem redundant.

Body confidence with Boody - my midriff in the Boody bra and leggings
I’m holding my arms in the air here so they aren’t in the way of the clothes and that is making me look thinner. I wanted to show you how the seams don’t dig in.

Could be better

Speaking of body confidence, my only criticism of Boody is that their sizes aren’t fully inclusive. I would like to see them come in larger sizes. I’m a size 12 and am wearing the largest size (m/l) in the boyleg briefs. I’m a 32FF and am wearing a large in the padded bra. I’m wearing a medium in the vest but a small probably would have been better. I’m wearing a large in the leggings. Of course all the items are very stretchy but you don’t want any waistbands or straps digging in do you? I think Boody could be even better if they catered for all body shapes. I hope they plan to add more sizes in going forward.

Body confidence with Boody - how I'm learning to love my body

Disclaimer: Thanks to Boody for sending me these items to review. This post contains affiliate links that are clearly marked. If you buy an item through an affiliate link you won’t pay more but I will receive a small fee for referring you.

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19 thoughts on “Body confidence with Boody”

  1. OMG Nyomi you look so gorgeous in both of them – I like the natural second photo so much as even if you don’t feel it, you look so comfortable and relaxed in your own skin which is an attractive trait to have!

    I am going to order myself some of these next week as I know you’ve genuinely raved about them so much and life is too short for rubbish knickers!

    Well done for stepping out of your comfort zone and doing this x

  2. Haaaa finally the review! I want to try those knickers so bad! I think it’s really brave to do this and you look amazing, I’m all for body positivity and even did some pictures of a friend in that sense a while ago, but I’m not sure I’d be comfortable enough to show myself ahah!

  3. You look great, seriously stunning. These products sound right up my street but sadly don’t cater for my size.

    I think with clothes and stuff the photographer makes the difference with confidence too, I would be really cringey and weird if Paul was snapping me, but if I had a mate doing it I would feel happier and less awkward, which is weird as he’s my husband.

    I’ll come and take your photos next time! lol

    • Gosh Nelly that would be so much better. I’d feel so much more confident you taking them!! Thank you for the kind words. I’m still cringing! But once people have seen these, what else could I be fearful of?!

  4. You look incredible. Well done on your body positivity. I’m working on it, I’ve just deleted 5 attempts at this comment because each thing I wrote ended up with me comparing myself and putting myself down and that is Not who I want to be…so let’s just leave it at your body is strong and beautiful and did an amazing job and I’m working on all of that too x

  5. Ah man, you look amazing, honestly! I would literally stroll around naked if we could swap lol! Loving this post, I wanna try out those tank tops- those styles are so comfortable when I just wanna chill or not have to hoist up my boobies ? Great post my lovely x

  6. You are so strong and brave and inspiring and beautiful. I can hear you in your post about your vulnerability and nervousness, so be proud you did it. These are way too small for my ample behind but they look good on you 🙂

  7. You look amazing! These all sound fab, especially the leggings as I really struggle to find a decent pair. But sadly they wouldn’t fit me.


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