Funny things my kids have said lately…

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Yay, I have enough comments for my latest instalment of funny things my kids have said lately. This is the 8th instalment in what has become a regular series over the past 3 years. For other instalments, check out the links at the bottom of this post. Here’s what my four year old and seven year old have said lately. As you will see, my four year old is a bit, erm, dark…

  • Me to Lena as she asks for yet more chocolate ‘Lena, you are a chocoholic’. Lena ‘what’s a chocoholic, sounds nice, can I have one’
  • Lena to me ‘You know who I love? You and chocolate’.
  • Lena to me ‘Mammy, you look like a very handsome boy’.
  • I was trying to hide from Lena so she wouldn’t make me do bedtime as I had to work (yes I hide from my child, her dad was with her, don’t worry). Arlo tried to help by saying ‘Don’t look in the bathroom Lena, do not look in there’. Then proud as punch said ‘I tried to keep her away mammy’. Yes, by revealing my exact location.
  • Arlo to me ‘Mammy, you are as beautiful as a donkey’. Cheers pal. ‘Only joking, you are as beautiful as me’.
  • Me to Arlo ‘How did you find the school trip yesterday Arlo’. Arlo ‘The teachers walked us there’. So literal.
  • Arlo to me ‘I love you so much Mammy’. Me to Arlo ‘oh Arlo, I love you so much too’. Lena to us both ‘I love puddles’.
  • Me to Lena ‘What’s your favourite thing about mammy’ (needy much lol). Lena ‘I like kissing ya and not hitting ya’.
  • Lena ‘Tell me a story’. Me ‘Ok, what do you want me to tell you a story about?’. Lena ‘Tell me about the girl who got squashed by the bus’.
  • Arlo ‘Mammy how come most girls are really skinny, like that one there?’. Me ‘Well Arlo, some people are thin and others aren’t. We all have different bodies and that’s cool’. Arlo ‘Oh yeah, cos you are a girl and you are chubby’.
  • Gave Lena a Granny Smith Apple instead of a Pink Lady. Lena ‘Is this a poison apple? Did you get it from an evil witch?’.
  • Me to Lena ‘what do you want to do when you grow up?’. Lena ‘Working, just like you, being angry at children’. I’m pleased I’m an inspirational role model… ?

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4 thoughts on “Funny things my kids have said lately…”

  1. HA HA HA HA! I just love these so so much, they never fail to make me laugh! “What’s a chocoholic – can I have one?” LOVE IT! “The teachers walked us there” was brilliant too – I bet kids wonder why we ask these questions when the answers are so obvious!


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