Funny things my kids have said lately…

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Well guys, Lena has begun to talk more so what was ‘funny things Arlo has said lately‘ has now expanded. She’s only 2 and doesn’t say much yet so it’s still predominately going to be the corkers that my 5 year old comes out with though.

With that said, here are the top funny things my kids have said lately…

Arlo (5.5 years old)

  1. Arlo, asking life’s big questions:‘Why is there salt in the sea? Is it to make it taste nice?’. I like the logic but no.
  2. Arlo, chastising me: ‘Silly billy, lemon squeasy’. Me ‘are minions human Arlo?’ Arlo ‘no silly, they are bananas’
  3. Me (off the back of my kid is sexist post): ‘Arlo, why do you think it’s ok for girls to wear trousers but not ok for boys to wear skirts?’. Arlo ‘mammy, that’s just the way the world works ok’. Such wisdom, so young.
  4. Arlo, shouting downstairs ‘Daddy, do you know what my dream is?’. Papa Ginge ‘What is your dream Arlo?’. Arlo ‘to fly daddy, that’s my dream’. Keep dreaming kidda.
  5. Arlo shouting worriedly as his sister was about to step in a small, shallow puddle: ‘Lena, watch out for that puddle of death’.
  6. Sat in his dad’s lap looking up at him ‘Daddy, you have one big chin and then lots of little chins’. Poor Papa Ginge.
  7. After he had a traumatic swimming lesson ‘Wait a minute, was that a dream? Is this a dream Mammy? No, oh I didn’t think it was’. Errrm, ok. I guess he’s had a nightmare about swimming before.
  8. Joyously singing ‘5 black sausages sizzling up your bum’.
  9. On the school run home, Arlo asked ‘how old is the sun?’ I replied ‘really old, older than anyone who has ever lived.’ To which Arlo points at the elderly lady walking right next to us and shouts ‘even older than her there?’. Arghhh so much cringe.
  10. I was reading with Arlo, trying to get him to read the word ‘it’. He tried for a while, then shouted, ‘I know, TIT’.
  11. Me (feeling mushy) ‘Arlo, you are a really special little boy, I hope you know that’. Arlo, replied confidently ‘yeah I know I am’. Never change buddy.

Lena (2.5 years old)

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  1. Excitedly pointing at a picture of a cartoon raspberry, ‘Look it’s me, it’s me’.
  2. After I tripped on her toy buggy with her boss baby plushy in it and fell over, Lena shouted at me ‘hey, say sorry to boss baby’. I actually apologised too. What has become of me.

That’s all until the next instalment. I hope these made you chuckle. Have your kids said anything to make you laugh lately? Let me know in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “Funny things my kids have said lately…”

    • Yay! I’m sure she’s going to give us more and more as time goes on. I just can’t wait to see what’s going on in her bonkers brain as she can say more. I’m sure it will be a revelation.


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