Top 10 daily feminist goals 

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I identify as a feminist. A proud and vocal feminist. My New Years resolution this year was to read more feminist literature, at least a book a month (keeping it so far!), which perfectly coincided with my hero Emma Watson setting up her He for She book club on Goodreads.

The He for She group is doing some awesome specific activities in the name of feminism and it’s inspired me to write a post about some of the simple but subtle things that I try to do every day in the name of gender equality. It’s not just the big acts that make a difference.

Here are 10 daily feminist goals to live by

  1. Make a concerted effort to support and build up other women wherever you can, especially in the workplace.  Don’t be bitchy about another woman if you wouldn’t say the same thing about a man.
  2. Remember another woman’s success doesn’t take anything away from you. Don’t be jealous. There isn’t a limited pot of success. Often, another woman’s success helps create opportunities for you.
  3. Don’t tolerate sexist jokes and comments just so you don’t rock the boat or seem uptight. Rock the goddamn boat. Remember the triangle (below) and why this is important.
  4. Breastfeed in public, share brelfies, contribute to helping normalise breastfeeding. Free those beautiful nipples! 
  5. Stop doing things that cause you discomfort in the name of looking attractive in a patriarchal society. For example, wearing heels, too tight clothing, waxing. The list is endless. If you want to do it then cool, but it should be your choice, not because you feel you have to in order to be deemed attractive. 
  6. Consider gender stereotyping when raising your kids and how it might influence them negatively. For example, the language we use, the behaviour we promote, the toys we buy. I don’t want my son to be told ‘don’t be so soft’ or my daughter to be told she talks too much. I don’t want my daughter’s first thought on growing underarm or pubic hair to be one of shame like mine was.
  7. Support diverse female arts projects – TV, film, books. Some of my favourite shows at the moment are Broad City, Girls, How to get Away with Murder, Orange is the New Black. You can really tell when TV is made by women by the diversity of characters, body types and sex being more realistically portrayed.
  8. Support diverse female-led businesses and businesses that treat women well.
  9. Support charities that support women. I love Women for Women  International that helps women from war torn regions rebuild their lives. Papa Ginge recently bought me this bracelet for Mother’s Day that donated profits to Women for Women International. Or how about sponsoring a girl’s education with Plan UK.
  10. Be whoever you want to be. Trust your gut. Follow your dreams and don’t let societal norms hold you back. Remember who you are and live in your true to your values. 

With all of these points, it should go without saying that especially support women who are marginalised in additional ways – such as race, disability and gender identity etc.

triangle of discrimination

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 daily feminist goals ”

  1. LOVE this post Nyomi and completely agree with everything you say. I really try hard not to place gender stereotypes on my three but sometimes I do slip up and it really winds me up when other people will make sexist comments about my children – eg telling Jack that pink is for girls. I am sure they don’t mean to do it.

    I am definitely all for female empowerment too and try to support other women when I can – it’s a hard world out there and life’s just too short to be a bitch/unsupportive.

    • Thanks for your comment Sam! I think you embody this, I thought about you when I posted this and all the support you’ve given me as a new blogger. Women supporting other women pleases me so much! It’s so hard to avoid gender stereotypes with kids, I slip up too but I guess being mindful of it is half the battle!

  2. I am with Maisie Williams, and do not identify strongly as a feminist as I believe you are either supportive of gender equality or you’re sexist, but I agree with all of this! It can be hard sometimes not to bitch about other women or get jealous, but it is all about building yourself as a person and not sinking to a low level! x

    • I think that’s largely a misunderstanding of the term though, a feminist is supportive of gender equality. That’s exactly what a feminist is. It’s not about wanting women to have more than men but merely believes genders to be equal. If you agree with all this then I’m pretty sure you are a feminist too even if you don’t identify with the label. Also love Maisie Williams! Her response to that Daily Fail article about her not wearing a bra was immense. Thanks for your comment Holly! X

  3. The feminist label has been ruined for me by bra-burning extremists. I’m all for supporting women, etc, and do believe in feminist goals and ideals. However it would be a very cold day in the devil’s lair for me to tell you I am a feminist. And you know what? That’s okay. I can be whatever without a label.
    Well done on sticking to your New Years resolution. Looking forward to you sharing your next read.

    • I think many people disassociate with the term feminism because of negative connotations but really all it means is believing in gender equality. I love the current wave of feminism, I like being a part of it and feel constantly inspired by it.

  4. Love this! Especially the part about supporting other women rather being jealous. How can we even begin to expect men to respect us if we can’t respect each other!

  5. Reading this, it makes me think that feminism has almost become a bit of a scary word. Yet I agree with every single one of these goals. I have to confess I do steer my son away from pink shoes because they look so flimsy… He’d destroy them in days!


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