GF Fañabe review – Costa Adeje, Tenerife

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We just spent one week full board at the GF Fañabe at Costa Adeje, Tenerife with our 9 and 12 year olds. This post is a comprehensive GF Fañabe review for anyone considering booking for their holidays. We stayed at the GF Fañabe from April 5th to April 12th in 2024 during the Easter school holidays.

Fanabe beach viewed from above
Fañabe beach viewed from the walk from El Duque beach. There are so many scenic coastal walkways in the area.

GF Fañabe review

The GF Fañabe is a GF hotel in Fañabe, Costa Adeje, Tenerife. It is part of the GF (Grupo Fedola) Hotels group which is a Canarian family hotel group of 5 hotels in Tenerife.

GF Fanabe Hotel is a popular resort located in the vibrant area of Costa Adeje, which is situated on the southwestern coast of Tenerife, one of Spain’s Canary Islands.

GF Fanabe Jet 2

We booked our trip to the GF Fañabe with Jet2 holidays (affiliate link) and paid £2649 for full board (with a £300 off offer and free child place).

All inclusive would have cost £920 more and there was no way we would have spent that in snacks and drinks.

We booked only 3 weeks 3 days ahead of travelling. Whilst it might have been cheaper to book further in advance, I kept an eye on prices after booking and it didn’t get any cheaper leaving it later to book (and there were barely any seats on the plane left together when we booked, we had to sit apart on the flight home).

We found Jet2 Holidays had the best package prices for the GF Fanabe. You can book with Jet2 Holidays here (affiliate link). On the Beach also provides deals to the GF Fanabe here (affiliate link).

GF Fañabe email

If you want to email the GF Fanabe hotel ahead of your stay there is a form on their website or their email address is [email protected]. Be sure to include your booking detail references.

We emailed them ahead of time to ask for a quiet room (I don’t believe there are any truly quiet rooms here) and for cold food to be set aside for our arrival as the kitchen had closed. You can see the very generous spread they set out for us in the photo below!

Cold food on arrival
Cold food set out in the family room on arrival is available on request if the kitchen has closed for the day after you have arrived.

GF Fanabe food and drinks

2 large dishes of paella
Paella at the GF Fanabe – this was available every lunch and dinner.

For the main dining room, here are the times that food is served buffet style at the GF Fanabe.

  • Breakfast: 7.30-10.15am (gets busy 8.45am, try go earlier) 
  • Lunch: 1-3pm (quietest near to 3pm)
  • Dinner: 6-9pm (quietest early or late)

If you are all inclusive you can also get snacks from the pool area. There are sandwiches, fruit and salad pots in the fridge and then you can order things like burgers, hot dogs and pizza from a small hut in the wall (some free and some paid for).

We were very apprehensive about the food at the hotel before we had our holiday there are the reviews on Trip Advisor are really mixed. Some say excellent, some say inedible and I think its because the food itself is mixed and some is excellent and some is inedible. Its a case of finding out what bits are good and what aren’t. The majority is fine to good though.

For example, their butterbut squash lasagne, capers, canarian potatoes, cakes and some of their (what seemed to be triple fried) chips are all great (not their fries). Their bacon, eggs and mushrooms are not good.

Basically it was similar to most all inclusive/full board type places we’ve been to before. It wasn’t the best we have been to but you will find more than enough to fill you up each meal and then some, evidenced by what my scales told us on our return!

a plate that has cheese and chips on it
Watch out for these chips at the GF Fanabe – they are SO good!

Conversely to many places we found breakfast to be their weakest meal of the day. I normally plump for the cooked breakfast but it just wasn’t great. The mushrooms were from a can, the bacon was streaky Spanish style bacon that was so hard I couldn’t chew it. They had british style sausages but the really cheap kind.

I’m always astounded when people choose the porridge at a breakfast buffet but one day I did and it was actually really good. They also had the usual continental stuff of cheeses and salami/cured meats and all the breads, pastries, and cereals.

A buffet of cold meats and cheeses
A example of the cold meats and cheeses section of the lunch buffet.

People raved about the omelettes but I got one of the first day and it wasn’t fully cooked inside so I didn’t get another one. I also tried to get a soft boiled egg and when I cracked it, it was entirely raw so do check.

These things happen in this mass dining situation so its not the end of the world but do always check the animal products before biting in to avoid food poisoning – we are perhaps more cautious having this happen in the past.

Lunch is their quietest time, especially late in the service and they only open up half of the dining hall. Here I tended to fill up on salads and Canarian potatoes. I couldn’t fault their lunches and dinners.

They had those lovely light spanish cakes that they do at these places that are delicious. They always had paella, pizza, chips, pastas, fresh cooked meats and fish etc.

A selection of cakes
Some of the cakes and desserts on offer at lunch and dinner. That chocolate cake in the middle is divine.

If I returned to the hotel, I wouldn’t choose to go full board again but its not because of the food. There are so many nice restaurants you can try in such easy walking distance from the hotel and I would have liked to have eaten out more.

I also always find the dining rooms in these buffet situtations overwheming and intense. This was no exception so it would be nice for a more relaxed a la carte type meal.

GF Fañabe all inclusive menu

In addition to the dining hall there is also the rooftop bar, reception area bar and pool snack bar.

Some things are free on all inclusive and some things you have to pay for. For example, chips or a hot dog are free on all inclusive or €3.50 and €4 respectively if you aren’t all inclusive. However a beef burger is €6 or €3.60 if you are all inclusive. You can see the full pool snack bar menu here.

We didn’t order from the pool snack bar but we saw people ordering and it did look good. Some people complained in the reviews that the restaurant food can be a bit repetitive – if you are all inclusive, the pool snack bar menu is quite different to the main restaurant so you it offers a little extra variety. The pizzas and burgers in particular looked good.

It is the same with drinks, there are lots of drinks that are free on all inclusive but there are also lots that you have to pay for. However, if you are all inclusive, you get a discount on them. You can see the full drinks list here with prices for all inclusive or not. The full all inclusive list is here.

A pina colada
One of the pina coladas that you can buy at GF Fañabe for €5.90 or that is free on all inclusive. We enjoyed this as we watched a Elton John impersonator at the entertainment area at the front of the hotel.

GF Fanabe pools

One of the reasons that we chose the GF Fanabe is that we were going at the start of April and their pools were still heated.

We’ve been to unheated pools in the canaries at this time of year and they can be so cold its not enjoyable to swim in them.

I’d say the GF Fanabe got the temperatures right. A little chilly when you first get in but then fine once you are actually in them (take note Abora Interclub Atlantic).

There are several pools, a large main pool that is heated. This has a deep end that even I couldn’t stand in and then a shallower end where the activities take place and the children could stand in.

A deep blue pool at sunset
The main pool at GF Fañabe. Evening entertainment is at the back. This is the view from room 238.

There is a children’s area that has a very shallow baby pool that toddlers can stand in and then a deeper larger pool that my children (9 and 12) couldn’t stand in. There is no music or entertainment in this area so our children preferred the atmosphere at the main pool. These pools are also heated in ‘winter’.

A small pool next to a children's play area.
The children’s pools and outdoor play areas at the GF Fanabe.

Then there were two non heated small plunge pools on the adults only rooftop terrace. These are more for a quick cooling dip and lounge as are too small to swim in really.

a small rooftop pool as the sunsets at GF Fanabe, Costa Adeje.
The cold plunge pool on the adults only rooftop area.

One thing that I didn’t like about the GF Fanabe is due to its popularity and the size/shape of the pools I couldn’t really have a proper swim. I could swim about with the children and play but not swim for exercise which I enjoy.

Another issue we had is that for two whole days of our 7 day stay the main pool had to be closed as a child had pooped in the pool. Now I’m please GF Fanabe takes the hygiene seriously it is obviously frustrating to not be able to use the main pool.

The hotel wasn’t the best with the signage and instructions to let guests know what happened and when it would reopen either. You could use the other pools but they got very overcrowded. I think it would have been nice to offer a goodwill gesture in these circumstances too which the hotel didn’t.

There is a GF Fanabe Facebook group that shows this isn’t uncommon so perhaps the hotel needs to be more stringent about making sure guests use a neoprene nappy over disposable swim nappies for younger guests.

GF Fanabe rooftop terrace with bar
The GF Fañabe adults only rooftop terrace area with the bar in shot. The views up there are stunning, especially at sunrise and sunset.

GF Fanabe facilities

There are all the facilities that you could possibly need at the GF Fanabe. There is a small shop on site that sells all your essentials and even gifts, its reasonably priced too.

I liked the small but well equipped gym. There is an arcade, a spa and even a hair salon! You will find pool tables, football tables and ping pong tables dotted around.

There is a mini club for kids 4-8 which looked well used but my children were too old to try it out.

A small children's playground at the GF Fanabe.
The outdoor children’s play area at GF Fanabe.

GF Fañabe family room

One of the things we were most curious about before our holiday at GF Fañabe was what would the sleeping/bed set up be for a family. It was hard to find this out online. See our video below for a full family room tour.

In our family room we had two large (bigger than UK) single beds pushed together to make what I will assume was a super king sized bed.

Then there were two sofa type beds. One was a pull out spring one and one was more of a foam sofa type one. Both gave our children plenty of room.

Everyone slept comfortably (aside from my husband’s snoring waking us!).

We were worried that with the beds made up and 4 of us in the room it would feel too cramped and we would be on top of each other but there was plenty of room to get around the beds and it felt fine.

The shower was lovely and powerful.

My criticisms of the room:

  • There was only one set of plugs. This meant people couldn’t charge their devices by their bed at night if they still needed their phones. My top tip would be take a plug extender if you are going as a family!
  • On the balcony there was a table and chairs but only 2 chairs when you book as a family of 4. This meant we couldn’t all sit on the balcony together comfortably. We dragged out a stool and made do but a couple of extra folding chairs would have been appreciated.
  • You have to pay a daily charge for the safe and a cash deposit. This annoys me as then I get €10 back at the end of the holiday when I can’t spend it. I also think its quite crass – look you can’t trust the security of our rooms and staff so we will charge you for that. Just add the fee to the initial room charge if you must but its an extra bit of admin that feels like an unnecessary buzzkill.
  • You could hear the evening entertainment from the pool area but this didn’t bother us very much as it mostly finished at 11. It might be a concern if you like an early night or have very young children who are easily disturbed. We quite liked being able to listen from the balcony.

GF Fanabe courtesy rooms

If you are at the hotel a while after check out there are ‘courtesy rooms’.

These are basically changing rooms with showers, toilets, sinks, hairdryers and have fresh towels in them.

We found it really handy so we could use the pools after check out but have a shower before our flight home.

They have several of them (downstairs along from the arcade and gym) and the one we used had a lock on the inside of the main door so our whole family could come in and then there were two toilets and 3 showers inside so we could all get ready at once.

There were fresh towels we could use, a general all use soap in the showers/at the sinks (not the best quality) and a hairdryer (not very strong but good in a bind).

You can see a little tour of the courtesy room in our video below but we were really grateful of it and I found it to be a real classy touch by the hotel. You didn’t have to prebook, you can just use them whenever you want. It was immaculately clean.

GF Fanabe activities

There were lots of activities on offer at the GF Fañabe – the usual stuff that’s offered at these kind of hotels.

For example, there is music and shows on an evening, a mini disco for the kids, aqua aerobics, darts, football, bingo every afternoon, bowls, yoga, shuffleboard, tai chi and more. For the full activities list see here.

GF Fanabe, Costa Adeje, Tenerife – what’s nearby

Hands down what we liked most about the GF Fanabe was how well located it is. There is just so much nearby, everything you could want and need. Here are some of our favourites:

Fanabe beach – playa Fañabe

The GF Fañabe is between a 5-10 minute just walk away from the Playa de Fañabé beach. The area is known for its black (volcanic) sand beaches, lively atmosphere, and abundance of restaurants, bars, and shops.

Fanabe promenade of shops and restaurants
Fañabe beach promenade – you can see the strip of some of the bars, shops and restaurants.

Fanabe shopping

There are two small malls just over the road from the hotel. One directly across the road from the hotel (there is a crossing point) include a Hyper Dino supermarket (which my kids became obsessed with for some strange reason), a sports bar, skechers shop, clothes shops, sunglasses shops, souvenir shops, and a pharmacy.

Across the road to the left there is the Duke Shopping complex with lots of clothes shops, restaurants and bars and even a kids indoor play place.

Fañabe market

There is a car park next to the hotel that is used for the Fañabe markets on a Thursday and Saturday – think lots of counterfeit goods, cheap products and haggling. Its very popular though.

El Duque beach

You are also a short walk, maybe 15 minutes (1km) to El Duque beach – a more upmarket beach area that also hosts its own more artisanal market and has lots of very nice looking restaurants and shops.

Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas

The popular areas of Los Cristianos is 11 minutes by car and Playa de las Americas is 14 minutes by car.

Personally we thought we had everything we needed and more in Fanabe and El Duque and didn’t need to venture to them.

Gf Fanabe to Siam Park

Siam Park is well worth a visit if you have older children with you or even as adults without kids! My husband and I went before we had children and had a great time. It has been voted the number one waterpark in the world 9 times in a row on Trip Advisor.

There is a free bus that goes to Siam Park that picks up and drops off right next to the hotel. Walk out of the hotel, and go to the left towards the ‘Duke Shops’. The bus picks up from the bus stop on the hotel side of the road I believe.

At the moment the times are 9.30am, 10.10am, 10.50am, 11.30am and 1pm for pick up. Details for the free bus can be found here.

If you would prefer the flexibility that a taxi offers then it is about a 10 minute drive from GF Fañabe and would cost around €15.

GF Fanabe to Aqualand

Also worth a visit, particularly if you have younger children is Aqualand. Whilst not as jazzy as Siam Park its arguably better for younger children and is much quieter and more chilled out. You are likely to spend significantly less time queuing at Aqualand than Siam Park.

We barely spent any time queuing when we went in the Easter holidays and it was nice and relaxed. My son and husband were feeling under the weather that day and we felt Siam Park might be a bit much for them.

The only downside of Aqualand is they have dolphins and whilst their show is fantastic and they do conservation work I’m not sure its ever ethical. Saying that though, Siam Park is a sister company with Loro Parque and they have a whale which I think is even worse so you can’t really win!

There is also a free bus that goes here from right next to the hotel too. The free bus to Aqualand picks up from the bus stop outsode Duke Shops, on the side that Duke Shops is on.

So come out of the GF Fanabe and turn left, cross the road and stand at the bus stop outside the Duke Shops. Confusingly, this is where the sign to Siam Mall is and there is no sign for Aqualand!

Aqualand, Costa Adeje

The current times for the free bus from the Duke Shops is 10.10am, 11.10am and 12.10am and it returns at 4.30pm and 5.15pm.

When we went to Aqualand we got the 10.10am free bus there and the 4.30pm return bus. The bus there was fantastic, there was only one more pick up after our stop so we got there in 5 minutes, it dropped us at the door and there was no queue in.

However, on the return we were second from last and it took 40 minutes. Given it only takes 30 minutes to walk from Aqualand to the GF Fañabe I don’t think I would recommend the free bus on the return. There was also a queue for it and it filled up fast.

Personally I would recommend just getting a taxi back at your time of choosing when leaving. There is a taxi rank right opposite the exit.

Top tip - you can take food/drinks into both Aqualand and Siam Park (Siam Park charges €3 to do so). If you are half board, full board or all inclusive you can ask the GF Fañabe reception the day before for a 'picnic' (cut off point 8pm) they will make you a packed lunch with sandwiches, snack type food, waters, juice boxes and fruit that you can pick up from the reception at the dining hall to take. This is especially worth doing for Aqualand as the prices were like €18 for a pizza and coke or burger and coke. I have heard the prices at Siam Park are more reasonable though.
Top tip - you will be more comfortable wearing aqua shoes (affiliate link) at Aqualand but annoyingly they make you remove them for most of the rides. I've read that for Siam Park you can keep them on for most rides though. 

GF Fanabe to Monkey Park

Monkey Park is a small zoo nearby GF Fanabe that is great value for money due to its reasonable entry price (at the time of writing €10 per adult and €5 per child). Its not a full day out but you could spend about 2 hours there give or take.

The only tricky thing about Monkey Park is there are no buses that get you there so its an easy drive if you have a car, otherwise its a taxi and a €17-20 charge each way which makes the visit a lot more expensive. Its a shame no one offers cheap mini buses going there from the hotels.

Best bars near GF Fañabe for cocktails

These are the best bars for cocktails near the hotel that we either tried or were recommended to us:

Testerossa lounge
We’d recommend the Testarossa Lounge at Fanabe beach for €1.50 pints of Dorada and coca colas in a glass boot to entertain the children with a view of the sea.
  • La Zambra Sky bar at Victoria hotel – watch the sunset, cocktails (Menu – Zambra SkyBar) but bear in mind its no children allowed!
  • Daniel’s on the sea front 
  • Fresh
  • Moonlight 
  • Tanyos 
  • Seahorse 
  • Blue Cactus, Harley’s, Thirsty Turtle 
  • Diane’s seafront 
  • El Gran Sol – this is one we tried and loved, tonnes of seating overlooking the sea, huge drinks choices, sports areas too
  • The Colonial
  • The Winchester on the seafront (the best sangria I had during my stay was here)
  • Testarossa Lounge on the seafront, v cheap!

Pubs and bars near GF Fanabe showing the football

Here’s some options for football fans staying at the GF Fañabe:

El Gran Sol
El Gran Sol at Fanabe beach is a perfect area for drinks and watching the sport.
  • Sky bar – has beach views too
  • Mister Sister on beach front, check their facebook page for what they will be showing. €2 a pint.
  • Sports bar in San Miguel shopping centre just over the road. €3 a pint but not a great vibe.
  • The Winchester at the beach – this is very popular for the games. They show about 6 games at once so it books up fast. You can reserve tables and I’d recommend you do. When we were there lots were turned away as tables were reserved. Great sangria.
  • El Gran Sol – sea views and extensive drinks list
  • The Irish Rover in The Duke centre, just to the left of the hotel 
  • YOLO sports bar, Torviscas, shows 10 games at once

Costa Adeje 7 day itinerary

This is a great itinerary for families staying at GF Fanabe wanting to get the most out of Costa Adeje on a 7 day holiday.

Bear in mind that the beaches are so close you can be in the sea in under 10 minutes so its really easy to just pop to the beach, even if its just for an hour.

Day 1Get settled in hotel, relax at pool and take a walk along the beach front from Fanabe beach along to Torviscas beach. Have cocktails at Torviscas Beach Club. If you aren’t all inclusive, amy have dinner at a restaurant down by the beach.
Day 2Walk to El Duque beach and visit their artisanal market. Dine at one of the upmarket restaurants in EL Duque and visit their posh shops and shopping centres. Cocktails at the La Zambra skybar on the way back to the hotel.
Day 3Trip to a waterpark – either Aqualand if you have younger kids or Siam Park if older or no kids.
Day 4Chill day at the hotel and then visit Los Cristianos and or Playa de Las Americas. If there is a rainy day there is a bowling alley next to the GF Fanabe.
Day 5Morning or afternoon at Monkey Park or Jungle Park and then relax at the hotel. Or you could do a Teide dark skies skygazing mountain hike on the evening.
Day 6Boat trip or watersports down at the beaches. Visit the Fañabe markets next to the hotel on a Thursday or Saturday morning.
Day 7Revisit your favourite activities from the week and do anything you didn’t have chance to do.

Gf Fañabe – good to know

  • You can request packed lunches the day before for trips (up until 8pm), ask for a ‘picnic’. This includes sandwiches (ours were salami and cheese, no butter), fruit, yogurts, water, oj boxes, wafer thins).
  • You can upgrade to all inclusive (or a higher package) at any time during your stay. Please be aware that this is subject to availability and you cannot go back to your original meal plan.
  • Spa details
  • Pools don’t open till 10am
  • Check out is noon. Late check out lets you keep your room until 8pm and costs €45.
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