Memories of lockdown

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As we approach the return to school, I don’t want to forget what a unique experience it has been to have been largely home together as a family for nearly 6 months. It hasn’t all been positive, it’s been hard at times and you can read about that here. But it’s unlikely we will ever experience this again (she naively says) and so in today’s blog post I want to capture our positive memories of lockdown so we can look back and say ‘oh yeah, I remember that’.

Boy and girl posing for a photo in the sun

Memories of lockdown 2020

  • Papa G, Arlo and Lena playing family Roblox together 7-8pm every bedtime 
  • Growing our own plants from seeds on the windowsill (don’t mention the greenhouse disaster)
  • Baking with Mammy for the first time – vegan Victoria sponge, chocolate courgette muffins, salted chocolate cupcakes and cheesy courgette bread, so many fork biscuits
  • FaceTimes with Granma and Aunty Anya
  • BBQs in the garden, even on weeknights (don’t mention the fire)
  • Homeschool – the good, the bad and the insights
  • VE Day party in the garden
  • Water gun fights in the garden
  • Reading the Creakers together 
  • The kids living in underwear all the time and the washing basket never having an easier life 
  • PE with Joe Wicks, Cosmic Kid’s yoga and home workouts 
  • The giant bag of pick and mix and family movie time 
  • Making popcorn from kernels and listening to them pop
  • Playing UNO in the garden and ganging up against daddy 
  • Sharing tubs of pringles 
  • Family hide and seek and Arlo hiding in the tiniest of places 
  • Pizza! Always lots of pizza
  • Home improvements! The new ‘office’ (it’s the corner of my bedroom) and TV on the wall in my bedroom. Our new living room wall lights and prints. The new garden furniture and fence. 
  • Binge-watching This is Us upstairs on the new TV (me)
  • Arlo losing 2 teeth 
  • Watching all the Marvel movies together (even if they are a 12!)
  • Baking raisin oatmeal cookies 
  • Papa Ginge’s freshly baked bread 
  • Bedtime spooning and chats with Arlo watching Glastonbury footage and Masterchef
  • Girls time while the boys watched football – Lena now shares my love of Moulin Rouge and we both enjoyed Mamma Mia 2
  • Walks to the river 
  • The kids learning how to ride their bikes has been a huge achievement

As we have gained a little freedom and now can get out a bit more I think we will also remember camping trips in our new tent and many trips to South Shield’s beach for jumping waves.

I feel quite apprehensive about the return of school and our lives getting a lot busier and less connected. I already know I’ll look back on this time fondly and I treasure the past 6 months and the unique experience it has afforded us amongst the challenges.

What have been your favourite lockdown memories? Let me know in the comments.

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