The best cheesy Christmas movies like the Holiday

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On the run up to Christmas I become a bit obsessed with watching Christmas movies. So much so that I’ve become a bit known for it on Instagram from posting about it. This year I’ve been asked for my recommendations so many times that I thought I needed to put it into a blog post. Like my Best Christmas films for kids rated U and PG post I have noted their IMDb rating and what streaming platform you might be able to find them on, as well as my commentary! I’ve also put them in sections for you – super cheesy so bad they are good types, funny ones if you want a bit more edge and golden oldies if you are in the mood for old fashioned whimsical. Here are 30 solid cheesy Christmas movies like the Holiday (ish).

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The so bad they are good ultra cheesy Christmas movies like a Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince trilogy, 2017, 5.8IMDb, PG (Netflix)

When a reporter goes undercover as a tutor to get the inside scoop on a playboy prince, she gets tangled in some royal intrigue and ends up finding love – but will she be able to keep up her lie?

I have a lot of love for the Christmas Prince trilogy. I also love that its set in the Netflix Christmas universe of Aldovia. If you’ve not watched these then they are really fun. I think its about time we had another already!

The Knight before Christmas, 2019, 5.6 IMDb, 12 (Netflix)

A medieval English knight is magically transported to present-day America where he falls for a high school science teacher who is disillusioned by love.

The plot for this is so ridiculous it shouldn’t work but it does and its really fun. Also in the Netflix Christmas universe, at least when they are looking for a Netflix Christmas film to watch.

Christmas Inheritance, 2017, 5.7 IMDb, PG (Netflix)

To be the CEO, an heiress is challenged by her dad to deliver a Christmas letter in person to his ex-partner in their hometown – traveling by bus, incognito and with only $100. Will she learn something from the people there?

This has everything you can want from a cheesy Christmas movie. Business woman city girl goes back to small town hiding her true identity to uncover her roots with the gruff handsome local. I have a soft spot for this as I’ve loved Eliza Taylor since her days as Janae Timmins in Neighbours.

My favourite part of this is when the dude reveals his drawing though. Watch it, die laughing and come back to comment. Don’t give up your day job Jake.

The Holiday Calendar, 2018, 5.7 IMDb, PG (Netflix)

A struggling but talented photographer inherits an antique holiday advent calendar, the contents of which seem to predict the future. Will this magical calendar lead her to love this holiday season?

I’ve also got a soft spot for this starring the stunning Kat Graham from Vampire Diaries and William from This is Us fame (you know how I feel about This is Us after my How to make the Rebecca Cardigan from This is Us post).

The Princess Switch trilogy, 2018, 6.1 IMDb, PG (Netflix)

Competing in a Christmas baking competition in Belgravia, a Chicago baker bumps into the prince’s fiancée–who looks just like her. They switch lives for two days.

Another film in the Netflix Christmas universe, Belgravia and Aldovia are neighbouring countries in Europe don’t you know. You even get juicy crossover moments from these and a Christmas Prince. Ridiculous but so fun.

Operation Christmas Drop, 2020, 5.8 IMDb, U (Netflix)

Congressional aide Erica forgoes family Christmas to travel at her boss’s behest. At a beach side Air Force base, she clashes with Capt. Andrew Jantz, who knows her assignment is finding reasons to defund the facility.

Another one for the beautiful Kat Graham with congress and the military thank you very much. Too much sun and not enough snow but cute nonetheless.

Midnight at the Magnolia, 2020, 5.8 IMDb, U (Netflix)

Longtime friends and local radio hosts Maggie and Jack fake it as a couple for their families and listeners in hopes of getting their show syndicated. Classic.

Fun fact there is a goof that shows an outside shot of Oslo Town Hall /Tjuvholmen.

A Heavenly Christmas, 2016, U, IMDb 6.4 (My5)

Upon her untimely death, a workaholic (Kristin Davis SATC) who never put much value into the joys of Christmas finds herself recruited to be a Christmas Angel — and is assigned a hard luck case (Eric McCormack – Will and Grace) that she accidentally falls in love with.

A Castle for Christmas, 2021, PG, IMDb 5.6 (Netflix)

To escape a scandal, a bestselling author journeys to Scotland, where she falls in love with a castle – and faces off with the grumpy duke who owns it. Starring Brooke (eyebrows) Shields and Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride, Stranger Things).

Follows a woman as her life gets upended when an engagement ring that was for someone else leads her to the person she’s meant to be with.

Zoey Deutch is great in this and its less cringey than a lot but still comes through on the romance.

A California Christmas 1 and 2, 2020, 12, 5.8 IMDb (Netflix)

With his carefree lifestyle on the line, a wealthy charmer poses as a ranch hand to get a hardworking farmer to sell her family’s land before Christmas.

The leads in this one are married in real life which you can see in the chemistry and she wrote it! The sequel is also worth a watch!

Serendipity, 2001, PG, 6.8 IMDb (Now TV)

A couple search for each other years after the night they first met, fell in love, and separated, convinced that one day they’d end up together.

I debated putting this one on as its not Christmas the entire film but there are parts of Christmas in it and its a rom com so I’m putting it on!

Funny Christmas movies like the Holiday

The Holiday hardly needs an introduction. Surely you have seen this? If not then just get on it already.

Two women troubled with guy-problems swap homes in each other’s countries, where they each meet a local guy and fall in love.

As their own mothers drop in unexpectedly, our three under-appreciated and over-burdened moms rebel against the challenges and expectations of the Super Bowl for mothers: Christmas.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for all of the leads in this. I adore Kathryn Hahn.

Bridget Jones Diary, 2001, 15, 6.8 IMDb (Netflix)

Bridget Jones is determined to improve herself while she looks for love in a year in which she keeps a personal diary.

A classic, not all of it is set at Christmas but enough of it is that I enjoy re-watching this each festive period.

Kate is a young woman subscribed to bad decisions. Working as an elf in a year-round Christmas store is not good for the wannabe singer. However, she meets Tom there. Her life takes a new turn–that seems too good to be true.

I think this one was really underrated but then I do adore Emilia Clarke and Emma Thompson.

Raised as an oversized elf, Buddy travels from the North Pole to New York City to meet his biological father, Walter Hobbs, who doesn’t know he exists and is in desperate need of some Christmas spirit.

I nearly didn’t put this in as we all mostly identify this as a Chrildren’s film, however I there is enough of a love story for me to include it in my list. Also its hilarious and heartwarming and very hard to beat.

Graham surprises his family at Christmas only to discover his ex-fiancee is already celebrating the holiday with his family when he arrives.

I did hear some criticism of this and I’m pleased I watched it anyway as there were some genuinely funny moments. Slightly more edge than the usual Christmas cheese fest but still plenty of those cheesy tropes. Starring Leighton Meester (from Gossip Girl and married to Adam Brody fame) and Robie Amell.

Hayley and James are young and in love. They both make the same mad split-second decision to swap trains and surprise each other. Passing each other in the station, they are completely unaware that they have just swapped Christmases. Starring Asa Butterfield from Sex Education with lots of British working class humour. Both the first and sequel are worth watching.

Single All the Way, 2021, PG, 6.2 IMDb (Netflix)

Desperate to avoid his family’s judgment about his perpetual single status, Peter convinces his best friend Nick to join him for the holidays and pretend that they’re now in a relationship. Gay rom com featuring Jennifer Coolidge, do I need to say more?!

The intertwined stories of four generations of Coopers unfold right before the annual family reunion on Christmas Eve. Can they survive the most beautiful time of the year?

This starts what should be a Christmas collection in its own right, Christmas with Diane Keaton.

The Family Stone, 2005, PG, 6.3 IMDb (Disney Plus)

An uptight, conservative businesswoman accompanies her boyfriend to his eccentric and outgoing family’s annual Christmas celebration and finds that she’s a fish out of water in their free-spirited way of life.

Another Diane Keaton Christmas classic. This one makes me cry.

Christmas movies old movies

An angel is sent from Heaven to help a desperately frustrated businessman by showing him what life would have been like if he had never existed.

Perhaps my favourite Christmas movie. One that captures the spirit of Christmas perfectly. However, now I know the snow was asbestos its slightly less whimsical!

A successful song-and-dance team become romantically involved with a sister act and team up to save the failing Vermont inn of their former commanding general.

An absolute classic and one I love to re-watch on the big day itself. Also the reason I can’t say the word snow without singing it.

At an inn which is open only on holidays, a crooner and a hoofer vie for the affections of a beautiful up-and-coming performer. Starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. Irving Berlin won an Oscar for his song “White Christmas” from this movie.

Young love and childish fears highlight a year in the life of a turn-of-the-century family.

This is the film that made Judy Garland’s Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas infamous. She’s stunning in this!

I hope this gives you plenty of ideas for stuff to watch to get you in the mood for Christmas this year! Let me know your favourites in the comments!

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