10 best health and wellness gifts

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Are you looking for a gift for someone who is into health and fitness or who wants to be? Well look no further. I’m a bit of a health, fitness and wellness junkie and here are 10 things that I have used and love and would recommend as health and wellness gifts. I’ve ordered the list from least (£7.98) to most (£369) expensive.

10 health and wellness gifts

Pilates exercise ball £7.98

A great smaller gift is a pilates ball (affiliate link) which allows you to do so many exercises at home. I use mine for pelvic floor exercises and abdominal exercises. There’s so much you can do with these.

Exercise bands £8.59

Whether its loop bands, long bands or thick long loop bands (affiliate links) – exercise bands make a great gift for any fitness enthusiast. They are great for travel and home work outs and there’s so much you can do with them.

Exercise sliders £9.34

A great smaller gift for fitness enthusiasts are some sliders (affiliate link). These are so great for travelling with as they are light and help you do a workout anywhere. I have a pair already in my home garage gym and I might get a second pair for in the house. I love doing glute work by using them for lunges.

Prezzee e gift voucher £10

Prezzee makes gifting fun, personalised and seamless – a digital gift you can send in just a few clicks, either instantly or scheduled for just the right moment, via text or email. 

The digital e-gift cards can be redeemed at more than 190 major retailers and hospitality outlets and offer the gift of choice.

For the health and fitness enthusiast you can redeem the gift cards at Adidas, Nike, M&S (I love their Goodmove fitness wear), H&M, Primark, Go Ape and Apple (I’d be lost without my Apple watch and Airpods when it comes to fitness).

ARRAN Sense of Scotland, After the Rain Bath (epsom) salts – £16

One of my favourite cruelty free UK brands, ARRAN Sense of Scotland have loads of gorgeous products for pampering tired muscles after hard workouts or just relaxing with some self care for your mental health.

My top pick for myself is this carefully crafted blend of natural sea salt and magnesium-rich Epsom salt – After the Rain Bath Salts (affiliate link). They are also rich in potassium, iron and calcium to support skin health – perfect for soaking tired and sore muscles for the active person.

After the Rain is a timeless floral and citrus fragrance containing a burst of lime, a hint of rose and warming notes of sandalwood along with greenery, herbal shrubs, cedar wood and moss – crafted by the brand’s expert perfumers to emulate the unique fragrance of an Arran garden after a rain shower.

You can buy here (affiliate link).

Side note – did you know that you can use bath salts to help with blocked ducts and mastitis when breastfeeding? You can read all about that in my Epsom salt and breastfeeding blog post.

Massage gun – £49.99

I got one of these massage guns (affiliate link) a while back and I’ve been recommending them to everyone ever since. They are a game changer for someone with aches, pains and knots who can’t afford regular massages.

A fraction of the cost of many of the more expensive massage guns on the market, this has all the functionality. It has a number of different speeds and crucially, you can change the position of the arm. This allows me to work on the knots on my back on my own. Trust me, your recipient will thank you for this gift.

It’s normally £79.99 but currently has a £30 voucher you can apply to take it to £49.99 (affiliate link) which is a steal, move fast, the voucher expires 17th December 2023.

Yoga mat £140

My favourite yoga mat company Liforme recently released a beautiful special edition, Cosmic Moon mat (affiliate link) with great grip and planet-friendly design and featuring its unique Alignment System and patented waterproof barrier.

The mat is 4.2mm thick making it a great option if your knees, like mine, need a bit extra support.

The Liforme mats are designed to become ‘grippier’ the more you sweat and yogi’s on reddit who practice hot yoga were swearing by these mats.

One Reddit reviewer said ‘I sweat a ton when doing my ashtanga yoga, The only mat that has worked for me is the Liforme without needing any yoga towel on top of it or anything. The material actually gets grippier with sweat. I’ve gone through a Lululemon, and a Manduka eko and also tried my wife’s Jade, but all of them start to slip when you get really sweaty, except for the Liforme, which remains consistently grippy.’

The Cosmic Moon mat is available from Liforme (affiliate link) in full size for £140 and a complimentary bag is included with every mat.  

I also love that Liforme has a mission to improve not just its products, but its impact on the planet, by pushing boundaries, being eco-friendly, ethical and socially just. They are B Corp certified and they have planted more than 200,000 trees with TreeNation and donated over $650,000 to charity partners including WWF, GLAAD, Friends of the Earth and RSPCA.  

HIIT Deck £149

If the fitness fanatic you are buying for is building a home gym or home workout space then they need a multifunctional HIIT Deck (affiliate link). You can use these for all sorts of exercises, from chest presses to step ups and many more. I use mine many times a week and would be lost without it.

Zoe personalised nutrition subscription £324

Something that really revolutionised my approach to what I eat was a subscription to Zoe (referral link). Zoe is an at-home test kit that discovers how your specific body responds to food that you follow up with the ZOE program.

It is expensive but if you can afford it, its an excellent investment into your future health and I personally learned a lot of valuable information from it. For example, I process fat well but blood sugar poorly and have an excellent gut microbiome.

I’m no longer subscribed because I’ve learned so much that the changes I’ve made are now embedded in me in a sustainable way. A side result of doing Zoe, I lost 7lbs and I didn’t go in with a weight loss intention.

A screenshot from the continuous glucose monitor I wore when doing my Zoe trial

It involves doing a stool sample that will reveal your gut microbiome. Then you wear a blood sugar monitor for 2 weeks and analyse how your body processes sugar from the food you eat. There are also scientifically designed cookies that you eat and then do a blood test that reveals how your body processes fat.

All these results are combined and then there is an app you can use that tells you how your specific body will respond to any specific food or meal.

Whilst you are waiting for your results you go through daily short 5 minute lessons to learn more about the latest nutrition science and its this education that’s really key in changing your habits and making them a permanent change.

They’ve also just become the first nutrition programme ever to prove they improve your health through a randomised controlled trial.

I honestly couldn’t recommend it more to people who are interested in ageing well.

I have a referral code that will give you 10% off if its something you are interested in too.

Lumea IPL hair removal £369

Now this is technically not ‘wellness’ and I’ve spoken before at length about how women shouldn’t feel pressured by society to remove their hair. I would rather society changed and accepted hair on women the way that they do with men.

However, I also know that when you’ve grown up with that messaging, sometimes its really hard to be confident in public with hair in places women are shamed for having it.

Personally, I have PCOS and am now 40 and had noticed that my facial hair was really increasing and the constant tweezing of it was leaving me with red marks all over my face and affecting my confidence. We also had an extended family holiday this year that involved 2 weeks in water parks etc. So last Christmas, I pooled my gifts and got the Philips Lumea 9000 (affiliate link) and let me tell you, its been a game changer.

At first you have to use it every fortnight, then its once a month and its quite a chore to do but its worth doing as I went on holiday and didn’t have to waste time on hair removal once. My legs are now just silky smooth all the time. If the kids suggest an impromptu trip to the local pool I’m never considering my body hair.

Also, I could never get a great shave, you could always see the dark hair underneath and shaving would give me irritation and grow back within an hour. Waxing hurts and was expensive. In the winter my skin would be itchy if I let the hair grow long. In summer I’d have shaving bumps. With this its like there was never hair there. Its just really smooth.

Do I wish society wasn’t like this and I could feel attractive hairy – yes. Has this helped me feel more attractive, also yes. The patriarchy and internalised sexism gets us all.

Anyway, if body hair is something bothering you then I fully recommend this.

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